The Australian Financial Advisors were undergoing a full renovation in their Grafton office and wanted a functional but technically advanced system with simple reliable operation.

The project required two client meeting rooms with wall mounted LED screens, wired and wireless connections directly to laptops in each of the rooms and  Free to Air broadcasts available to keep the kids busy whilst mom and dad talk finance.

The boardroom was to feature a high quality, high brightness data projector with motorised ceiling mounted screen. Wired and wireless connections to laptops as well as background music and Free to Air broadcasts.

Most importantly the boardroom needed to have reliable, simple and intuitive operation from the clients I-Pad, so the back end is all controlled using the Control 4 Automation system.`

The Foyer also features a wall mounted 55 LED Panasonic television for patrons comfort whilst they wait.

Equipment list

Foyer: Panasonic 55 wall mounted High Definition LED television with Free to Air broadcasts for patrons comfort whilst they wait.

Meeting Rooms: Panasonic 47 wall mounted High Definition LED screens with wired and wireless direct connection to laptops. Free to Air broadcasts available also.

Boardroom: Panasonic high brightness ceiling mounted commercial data projector with quick release bracket to make filter cleaning and globe replacement as easy as possible. Direct connection, wired and wireless to laptops in the boardroom.

Back ground music from internet radio and CD for public presentations with Free to Air broadcasts available also.

Wall mounted I-Pad with induction charger. The I-Pad acts as a simple, intuitive touch screen controller for all the equipment, it can be removed from the charging base and moved around the boardroom to act as portable remote control.

All activities in the boardroom are automated so simple button presses turn on the appropriate equipment and lower the projection screen, a single button press also turns off the boardroom, all the equipment and raises the projection screen ready for next time.

Store room equipment rack: Houses the majority of the equipment, keeping everything in a neat, serviceable rack. Apart commercial integrated amplifier withy RS232 control. Digitalview HD set top box and Control 4 system controller. Netgear networking switches and UPS battery back up.



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