Quality audio products from the world’s best brand’s to get the most from your music

Music has heart and soul and the heart of a music system is your amplifier. We carry a comprehensive range of integrated amplifiers, stereo receivers including pre and power combinations along with valve amplifiers and headphone amplifiers from the world’s most respected brands in High Fidelity.



Speakers and Subwoofers

Speakers and subwoofers are the voice of your system and generally have the biggest influence on the overall sound and look of your new stereo.

There are so many designs and sizes to choose from,  bookshelf, flushmount, floor standing, satellite right through to Sound bars and subwoofers.

We stock an extensive range of speakers and Subwoofers to suit different budgets, lifestyles and living spaces. From smaller bookshelf speakers through to Premium floor standing speakers we can put together a system which best suits you and your music.

Music Sources

Music sources are varied and generally include single and Multi-Disc CD players, FM tuners, Record Players and of course Hard Drive music servers and streaming devices.

We have  a small but diverse range of Wireless streaming players, single and multi-disc CD players and a comprehensive range of Turntables from some of the world’s biggest brands in audio for all types of budgets.



Listening to your favourite albums or playlists through a quality set of headphones is an intimate and personal musical journey. Good headphones will reveal the smallest details in the music and you will find yourself hearing things that you have never heard before.

We carry a range of premium headphones for home use, Bluetooth headphones for on the go  and noise cancelling for travel and work.

We have a dedicated headphone bar where you are more than welcome to sit and listen to the biggest names in headphones

High Fidelity solutions for all budgets, lifestyles and living spaces



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