Sonos One Gen 2 Wireless Speaker


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Sonos One Gen 2 Wireless Speaker

A revolutionary investment for your multimedia setup at home, the Sonos One Gen 2 Wireless Speaker lets you enjoy high-quality sound together with your movies and TV shows while also letting you take advantage of intuitive voice command capability.

Featuring a compact design, it’s an ideal choice for bringing clear audio playback to areas where space is at a premium, including kitchens and bedrooms.

Optimised Sound

The Sonos One Gen 2 Smart Speaker is built with two Class-D digital amplifiers and custom-built drivers that are specially tuned to work together and provide detailed and immersive audio output when playing various multimedia content.

For Full-Range Audio

Equipped with a tweeter and mid-woofer, the Sonos One Gen 2 Smart Speaker keeps high-frequency sound clear and crisp while also accurately replicating mid-range vocals and deep, booming bass.

Hands-free Convenience

Thanks to its support for Google Assistant and Alexa voice controls, this One Gen 2 Speaker lets you play music, configure alarms, carry out queries, and check the news hands-free. A chime plays to confirm it has heard your command and is currently handling your request.

Intuitive Control Panel

For convenient setting changes, the Sonos speaker’s top panel features capacitive touch controls. Through these touch controls, adjusting volume levels, changing tracks, playing/pausing current media, and muting the microphone is quick and easy.

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